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Our Company

Company Pictures : Then
Can also be office photos

Company Pictures : Then
Can also be office photos

Then : Our History

Ensight Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a corporation that was founded in 2011 by Dennis Magbanua, the President and CEO, and Marie Paz Ygana, Managing Director. We began as a licensed food distributor, and expanded to include Drugs, Medical Devices, and Cosmetic Products. Our company was duly registered in July 2013 under the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission.

Now : Ensight Today

Today, Ensight is considered to be a key player in the focus pharmaceutical industry of eyes, ears and nose drugs and medical devices . Our exponential growth rate over its 5 years in existence has consistently been over 100%.

Ensight specializes in ophthalmic, ears and nose pharmaceutical as well as Nutraceutical products. We also find, support product development, and market drugs, medical devices and therapies for inflammation, ocular pain, glaucoma, eye allergy, dry eye, ear infection, and nasal allergy. Our nationwide presence has propelled our exponential growth, and more importantly, has helped us reach more Filipinos and give them affordable quality medical support to improve their health and overall quality of life.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing safe and affordable products that improves the well-being and quality of life of individuals.

We commit ourselves to total customer care by delivering high quality products and services that comply with the highest regulatory standards

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a leading specialty pharma company focusing on safe and affordable pharmaceutical products.

Our Values

Passion for life…
We exist to provide safe and affordable products of the highest quality.

Total commitment to our customers…
We are dedicated to partnering with our customers in delivering and continuously improving our products.

Integrity in all that we do…
We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards in all our business relationships.

Our Presence

Small Picture of the map of the Philippines with Key points for presence

Our Sales and Marketing teams are strategically situated all throughout the Philippines to deliver our products when and where they are needed. We ensure we have the right presence in the right areas, no matter how big or small


  1.  Food Importer/Distributor (Link to license when you click)
  2. Drug Importer/Distributor (Link to license when you click)
  3. Medical Devices Importer/Distributor (Link to license when you click)
  4. Cosmetics Importer/Distributor (Link to license when you click)

Our Team

Our diverse team is composed mainly of experienced sales personnel who have helped us grow our business through their network, skill and passion for the business. Pharmaceutical and/or Sales Experience range from over 20 years to to 6 months, the latter from young hires which are part of our marketing plan and continuity plan. We are committed to the development and growth of our people and the industry, and believe that traditional practices support and complement creative and new solutions.

Team Photo
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Dennis M. Magbanua

Chairman & CEO

Dennis has over 20 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He has also over 10 years experience in building and successfully developing pharmaceutical sales and distribution companies, having built 2 other multi-million peso businesses in a short span of time. Today, as the Chairman and CEO of Ensight, he has successfully built and strengthened key partnerships which have translated into exponential sales growth. His leadership has also led the company’s sales and marketing teams on their consistent 100% growth annually. Dennis’s Passion for the business continues to drive Ensight further into being a leading specialty pharmaceutical brand and trusted partner.

Marie T. Ygana

President & Managing Director

Marie has had over 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur, having had success in the retail and food industry overseas in Canada. It is with Ensight however that she has gone back to her roots of being a medical professional. Her excellent business acumen and experience in starting and growing small enterprises has been key in the growth and development of Ensight. Marie’s leadership, focus, strategic and analytical skills has shaped the company’s policies and procedures which are the foundations of the core business of sales and marketing, ensuring the quality and integrity of both the products and the people.

The Management Team

Sales & Marketing

Corporate Support

Rogelio T. Quinto

District Sales Manager
North Luzon

Zyrene Ann H. Sario

District Sales Manager
South Luzon

Marlon T. Ygana

Inventory & Logistics Manager

Ma. Lulubell S. Labindao

Regulatory Manager

XZ John E. Elvas

District Sales Supervisor

Goldie Dara L. Tabucan

District Sales Supervisor

Daisy Tumbale

Executive Assistant
Sales Coordinator